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Body Maintenance builds a better, stronger, more fit you, in as little as 30 days or less! A combination of drive, consistency and mental endurance equals RESULTS! Body Maintenance takes you every step of the way to achieve total body modification and guarantees at least one drop in pant or dress size within the first 30 days, or receive your money back! image

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Body Maintenance Changes Lives!

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Programs crafted for YOU

No one is the same, therefore no fitness program should be the same. Body Maintenance caters to each individuals fitness needs in order to help reach your goal much faster, more efficiently and without injury. First, a physical assessment is given in order to design a customized fitness plan that supports your individual goal and body type.
Each week, you are given a modified workout plan based on your prior weeks success. Because this intense, results driven program promotes daily weight-loss, client weigh-ins are conducted every Wednesday and Sunday to closely track your progress. Progression photos are also taken on a monthly basis and will not be released unless written consent is provided.

No more expensive DVD sets demonstrating generic exercises that may not be beneficial to your own unique physic.
Fitness is not a one size fits all kind of deal.

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It Starts with a Healthy Mental and Physical Lifestyle

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“Leaving Quality Behind.”

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A Day in the Life

Shavonne Simmons before and after
After graduating from the National Personal Training Institute, I was ready to spread the knowledge.

I struggled with weight all my life. Experiencing a roller coaster of physical changes left me exhausted and disappointed. My closet was with filled with clothing of all different sizes. Of course I held on to the smallest size of them all with the hopes of wearing them again. Shopping became an expensive hassle as I found myself purchasing new wardrobes frequently to support the constant weight gain. One day something hit me. Why stay in this body if I don’t want to? I’m not stuck unless I allow myself to be. So I started working out and changed my diet. Not really sure of my efforts, I kept going since I was getting results. I yearned for knowledge knowing it would produce better results and enrolled into National Personal Training Institute.

One hundred pounds less later, I am a certified Personal Trainer with the will to help others change their lives as well. No more running from cameras, avoiding mirrors or dreading the next size up as I shopped. Surgery free and trainer deprived, I lost an incredible 100lbs in only 6 months. I was never hungry nor overworked.

I now have an abundance of energy, a positive attitude and outlook on life. I love myself more than I ever have during this struggle. I feel I can take on the world! And so will YOU! Body Maintenance is a program designed like no other. It is todays fail proof fitness solution that delivers impeccable results in record breaking time.

While thriving on the success of others, I am eager to help serious individuals on their journey to total body modification with fun, effective and affordable personal training services. Whatever your goal, understand that it may not be easy to reach and tends to be much harder without the assistance of a knowledgeable Body Maintenance Personal Trainer. So don’t expect a walk in the park…but expect RESULTS!

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